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Asteroid barely misses Earth

Asteroid barely misses Earth


Now that was a close call.

A SURPRISE asteroid the size of a football field came alarmingly close to Earth on Sunday morning, just hours after being spotted by astronomers.

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A special little visitor in the studio today! Great to see you Ava :) @BasilZempilas #avazempilas @7NewsPerth

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10 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

FULL TIME and the Dragons too good on this occasion #NRLDragonsRoosters ...

FULL TIME and the Dragons too good on this occasion #NRLDragonsRoosters


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Roosters fan for life but ill say it how it is sick of being acused of not being a loyal fan because i dont beat around the bush and tell it like it is.......... obvious from the start who the referees wanted to win with mciness not getting sin binned for one of the most blatant professional foul you will see... the mcdonald try has to be one of if not the worst calls i have ever seen in an nrl game complete farce... How ever as dodgy as the reffs were the roosters again only have themselves to blame at the end of the day.... as always friend doesnt create enough space for his forwards and halves around the ruck, keary trying a bit too hard and made many bad plays during the game and not giving mitchell any early ball, manu is a passenger get rid of him, aubbo great clubman but again him playing at centre gives us no threat outwide on his side, tetevano hands like feet, liu hasnt done much since getting his contract extension, jwh napa both still struggling none of the forwards bother offloading which is killing our attack. Taukiaho and radley both need to start the game. Getting realy frustrating watching our games so far this year we have the supposed "best roster in the comp" i beg to differ... some changes are needed asap otherwise we are in for a dissapointing year again. Robinsons days are surely numbered if he doesn't adjust his coaching style asap.

I parked in Westfield Bondi junction and left my two season roosters membership passes on my dashboard. I came back to my car and some low life smashed my side window and broke into my car. Now I have four season roosters membership passes on my dashboard

That game was a joke clearly the refs were clearly wanting St George to win no way was that a try and why wasn’t Mccinnes sin binned ,I’ll admit roosters didn’t play 100 % but that game was rigged

Need to drop Friend he offers nothing around the ruck. All good teams have a creative dummy half Friend is too slow which forcers our attack to go from side to side opposition defence just needs to slide across

You cannot buy a premiership! This whole year has been a complete failure to date. Robinson has gutted a side to accomodate two players who don't wanna be there! Watching this team play is painful and I can't see things getting any better, it's actually embarrassing to watch!

As a passionate Roosters fan I was shattered when we let Mitchell Pearce go. Trent Robinson has it clicked in your head yet that the style of play you seem to persist with doesn't work. Every attacking set is the same, all set up for the big sweep play that ends up with the attack going sideways or Tedesco batting the ball on and it going to ground, Tedesco isn't that type of player! I cringe every time Jake Friend passes the ball, yes he has given his heart for the club but his service is terrible and he hasn't played well for a couple of years now, yet you have Victor Radley on the bench but bring him on and play him in the backrow, the team looks a lot better when he's at hooker. Dylan Napa should be playing for Wyong next week after his lack lustre effort today. How can you sign Cronk, Tedesco and have Andrew Johns as your halves coach yet the attack is continually getting worse??? Joey never played like that so I doubt he would be coming to training and encouraging this rubbish. I can't fault their effort today but if things don't change a premiership is a long time away.

Disappointing display today Nappa is a passenger. We have nothing in attack, relying to much on Latrell! Cronk and Tadesco have not even shown a glimpse of their pay packets. It's a shame we couldn't of stuck with Pearce and Micheal Gordon

If MacDonald's try was given no try on the field, would there be sufficient evidence to overturn and award it? Yeah nah. The game is ruined by incompetent assholes in the bunker. Do they realise that their job isn't hard and they can easily be replaced?

Here is a tip for coach Robinson....teach your team to pass a ball. He is starting to look a lot like Ricky stuart in 02 where he walked into a team that were gunna win who ever coached them. Not the coach everyone thinks, seems devoid of anything more than basic skills.

How stupid was I to buy Grand Final tickets the other week? Clearly I had more faith in this mob than they're currently showing! And to think we offloaded all our depth to buy two new players! Not like we have many options at the moment. We have nothing in attack and are going nowhere fast. And might I add, what a disgraceful decision to allow Nene's try! The bunker can go to hell.

Unlucky boys, Mccinnes should’ve been binned and no way was that a try by Macdonald. Still a large attention needed in our attack. Get it right boys 🐔

What is this rubbish!! Is it just me or does anybody else want to see Robbo angry and show some emotion in the press conference. Same with the captain! The fans deserve something after a season that is dying very slowly. Our Attack is the worst I’ve seen in 25 years as a roosters fan and our D again was up and down. Not sure what the dragons did in the off season but we need to copy it. Congrats dragons

These refs in NRLs Roosters vs Dragons are incompetent really that last try from 18-22 points fair dinkum corruption needs to be removed from the game even that the roosters won’t win or doesn’t seem like it it was still corrupt. Please get better Refs Nrl 😡😡😡😡 or is it just me 😒🤔 good try boys better luck next week

This is a very very average team I'm afraid I'm going to admit I was wrong re Pearce / Cronk Pearces energy kept this team on the front foot Cronk is so so slow and he just doesn't suit this team They are so one dimensional Get it to Latrell and fingers crossed is the only play available And that's when Keary isn't passing it to the turf What a massive disappointment Wouldn't have made any difference ,however the game is a farce Insufficient evidence my arse

Trent Robinson… pathetic again. No doubt in the press conference you’ll say we were good in patches and there’s room for improvement. FACT is you can’t coach, go into politics, with the dribble that comes out of your mouth, you’re perfect.

Robinson needs to go back to France asap....his coaching style is complete rubbish and a reflection of this team.....

Cronk can keep a level head when the game is on the line, but he cant bring a team back from behind to save his life. Politis has killed our club with his disloyalty.

Forget the dodgy try for a moment. We've scored two tries against Souths, one try against the Dogs and one against the Dragons. Can the coaching staff not see the problem? We're not offloading the ball. Our sets are boring and predictable. Five hit-ups and a kick. Its hope and pray stuff. At most there's a sweeping play between Keary and Latrell, which is being overused. There was nothing particularly special about the Dragons' attack (a try off a kick, a barge over, a dummy and run). Yet they keep the ball alive and create holes through offloads. Until we start doing that, expect the same result. All the best teams in the comp this year are offloading the ball. Why aren't we doing the same? The first time we did it (50 minutes in) we scored quite comfortably. Its a waste of ALL our attacking weapons, not just Tedesco and Cronk. I am sorry to be negative because today the effort was there in our runs and work rate. Its just becoming extremely frustrating to keep playing the same way when it is evidently not working. Offload or perish! Dragons: 19 offloads. Roosters: 8.

Dragons a way superior team, and good luck to the club. No surprise in the result at all, predicable, if you watch the Roosters closely. On this seasons form will struggle to make the 8 . Fact.

I’m starting to get real sick of watching the Roosters play because every single game we play the refs are favouring the opposition, dragons player first half didn’t get sin binned, our players get tackled mid air and no penalty, we get no penalties whatever when we should have, and that last dragons try was clearly a knock on... therefore clearly no try yes we knock on the ball every now then but overall it doesn’t help that the whole game is always flowing with the opposition Napa is useless, looked slow, weak and had no energy since the start We need to hold ball if we want a chance beat whoever we are versing + the refs So frustrating 😪

Hey all it's the Roosters style of play ( like the coach says) only difference is every team knows the Roosters style of playing except the Roosters themselves. I believe the senior playing group is pissed still about Pearce.

I am a roosters supporter getting annoyed with the team. You guys get paid a fortune yet you dont want to play . Maybe time for mass changes. Coach included.

Well outplayed by a better team. Our attack has looked pedestrian all year and it showed again today. We look so much more likely when we create second phase play, but it's like they're told not to offload. Discipline with and without the ball is still poor. Our error rate is still the worst in the comp - hard to win many games on the back of that.

This is my first post. i have been a loyal roosters fan before the glory days of 74 and 75 as a kid. So... This season has been disappointing to say the least. Player wise a significant number are either unhappy, playing injured or unaccountable for performance. Coaching wise we have a coach who has, and has had, arguably consistently the best roster at club level and we have been spectacularly repeatedly unsuccessful when it has mattered. Shades of another over rated coach previously with us who has moved South. Our spine is broken, our hooker may do 100s of tackles, but so does Matterson and the other forwards as a result of ill discipline and poor skill levels evidenced by completion rates and penalties. Matterson offers little if anything in attack. JWH and NAPPA are yet to make post contact metres of any significance, let alone offload for second phase play. The fastest I saw JWH run today was when he sprinted from the field to be replaced in the second half by Tetavano who’s ensuring next 2 touches costs us 12 tackles in succession. Tetavanos’is handling is terrible, he may have intensity and be a defender who joins a pack of defenders who tackle by necessity given their ill discipline and lack of ball skill. Friend is slow, predictable and cumbersome, his service is always slow as he repeatedly takes a step from the dummy half position prior to passing. Cordner is our running left wide attacking weapon, the only one, aside from the repetitive sweep around play of Cronk to Keary to Cordner. Whilst on Cronk he is playing like any contented 35 year old newly married guy who is expecting his first child after buying a Mosman mansion and who has signed a 2 year contract to extend his time and earning capacity before he moves into commentary. Either he is injured, confused or playing under instructions, if so who issues them.....the coach. Cronk has been a world class player, but not a leader on field, who was surrounded and lead by other world class players both at club level and internationally. His origin world revolved around JT and a dominant pack. It is the culture of the Storm that creates players and refines others, we do not have that at present, yet we boast a roster second to none. Is he invested. Minimal try assists and kicks resulting in tries suggest not. Tedesco over rated and over paid his run metres, which Robinson trumpets, are pre contact as the fullback on ball return. He eats up the ground then and with his run frequency NOT as line breaks or try assists. Manu; at best a park level centre playing out of position who offers no attack, questionable handling and has defensive reads that leave the left hand side vulnerable continually. Ferguson continually makes mistakes at crucial time be it on the field or off, culturally a bad fit for any team, let alone one that is under the pump. How many times do we have to listen to excuses. Kearey trying hard. But he to has one trick shot sweep sweep sweep and either off to Cordner or worryingly delivering misguided passes behind outside supports, like Cronk did today that lead to one try. Previously we were concerned about our inability to breach the line and became over reliant upon the kicking game of PEARCE, we are fast returning to that. LIU is pedestrian, no go forward, no penetration is a poor handler and comfortable with a contract extension. At what point are they to be held accountable, it is a business, they are not curing cancer or putting people on the moon. They are well paid, treated and recruited to one thing.... and that is to play to the best of their ability consistently. There is no such thing as a rebuilding year, or time for combination building they are professional athletes and coaches who like us all live and die by our performances and/or results. Lattrell is under utilised, Radley must start, Tauka must start. We have little depth given we lost Michael GORDON and the decision to release PEARCE may be one we come to regret. We should never buy another back until we Replenish our forward pack with young skilful mobile MOTIVATED forwards. Backs dont win matches forwards win matches especially those that count.

Time to admit we just aren’t very good. Squad pretty tasty but performances awful. We look like our moves are rehearsed and if anything goes off plan we have no idea what to do - basically we are puppets. Time to look at the puppet master I think as he drives the style of play - been predictable for years now and whilst a lot of players have come and gone the coach has remained. Time to answer some questions Trent!

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11 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

HALF TIME and the Roosters trail the Dragons at the break on Anzac Day #NRLDragonsRoosters ...

HALF TIME and the Roosters trail the Dragons at the break on Anzac Day #NRLDragonsRoosters


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Played well for 38 minutes please Trent Robinson we need to get Friend off and leave Radley on. Friend was lucky to get away with 2 forward passes and his service is to slow.

We've hung in there but just been unlucky at critical moments. Is it just me or does Blake Ferguson get tackled mid air every week and NEVER gets a penalty!

Does Cooper Cronk actually go to footy training or is he too busy watching his other half on fox? It is Round 8 and it still looks he is learning the plays.

All that talent and not even close to scoring. If nothing changes after half time Robinson must be held accountable

Friend and Ferguson desperately need season ending injuries. Appears the coach won’t drop them based on their performances this year.

1 try in the last three halves of footy. Is this playing 'the roosters way' like Robbo always craps on about? If so, let's play another way.

yet again friend is struggling with options out of dummy half letting our attack down badly..... keary playing badly as well... give the ball to mitchell for crying out loud! again manu proving that he is a waste of time out wide does nothing in attack and defensively can't tackle to save his life. Going to be another loss if friend stays at dummy half and if we keep doing to same old crappy attack with hardly any offloads and no 2nd phase play.. come on boys fire up! p.s mciness should of been sin binned what a joke of a call that was.

Once again, I’ll take the coaching job for 1/2 his pay. Simple game plan, give Mitchell the ball. Everyone else, give Mitchell the ball.

Boring game plan Cordner is playing injured Dylan Napa wants to be in Newcastle with the others and Cooper Cronk needs to be captain and total control and Teddy well he needs to get match payments only until he improves !! Just my opinion

Embarrassing. Hold the god damn ball. Also if the Dragons are intentionally giving penalties away to set their line, their players should be sent off.

Keary needs to slow down. He rushes the line every oppurtunity and doesnt give the backs room. I think keary should move to 7 and cronk 6 to create a better depth and tempo in attack.

All our problems in attack stem from the deplorable dummy half work of Friend. Surely Robinson can see this. I don’t care if he makes 800 tackles a game, he is the slowest, worst dummy half in the comp. Doesn’t give first and second receivers a chance.

We have a Grand Final winning team on paper, yet look like a 2nd or 3rd grade division side. It's embarrassing to watch and if Robinson can't see or fix this then he needs to GO!!

Friends service has been below expectation and has hurt us, our defence on the edges has hurt us, we have bombed at least 3-4 chances scoring. This isn’t good enough

Good to see some bloodshed. Great game so far, would be good if we could do something with all that possession though.

To the bloke who bagged me last week for saying we needed to score more points, this is why! All that ball, all that territory and no tries. We’ll have to score more than one now won’t we? 🤦‍♀️

Cronk doesn't take on the line, our forwards are one out. No attack what so ever. Fkn rubbish from the chooks. Forget about finals this isn't even a top eight side.

The speed of the demise of friend has been staggering. Seems to be pretty much at the heart of everything bad. A great servant for the club but seems times up

the roosters havnt played the best in attack but my god the dragons have been given a few get out of jail free cards by the refs

Ughh! We are the better team, we just can’t execute like usual. Guys there won’t be any Top 4 or even Top 8 celebrations this year. I think finishing off the bottom will be an achievement with how we’re going.

Why isn’t Roosters giving The ball more to Mitchell he is there only try scoring machine give the ball more to him or make moves that involve him more. Kerry stop being greedy u ain’t a try score u set them up

How did that go forward off Fergo, dead set game changer thanks to the bunker. Just not able to score when near the line. They've taken there chances. Come on you mighty Roosters, "Cocka doodle doo".

Robbo's Robots unfortunately are just so predictable. How many times a game do we have to see Ferguson take the first run off the ruck to start a set? And honestly if they take the first penalty kick from in front? OK why not? But after 5 or 6 sets? Laughable. One try in a game and half. Pathetic, pedestrian and above all predictable.

We gotta play more direct, plenty of opportunities to hit the lead runner instead of going one at the back, hit cordner on hunt and matterson/aubbo between widdop, lafai and macca.

Teddy needs to develop a passing game and the set up play should be focusing on creating just enough space for Latrell to cause havoc. He doesn’t need much and actually giving him the ball more would be a good start...

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14 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

‪Rehearsals ✅ Gates ✅ Arrival ✅ Kick Off 🙌 #RiseUp #ANZACCup #NRLDragonsRoosters ‬ ...


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Go the Roosters. An incredible game to experience....

We are not good

Loss lol

Tiffany Dawes & Gaynor Murray

14 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

The boys have arrived #RiseUp ...


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why cant napa where the right clothes

Ferguson should have stayed on the bus

Let me know when they turn up

After that performance, things aren’t looking to good! Especially with the roster we have, pathetic to say the least..

Looking very handsome boys. Now let’s win this game..

It really looks like the boys are not enjoying their footy .. warm ups, running out Tunnel(sometimes walking) they don't look like they want to be there or on the field. Enjoy your footy ,play as a team and back to basics . You are so lucky to be paid to do something you love . Cmon Roosters you can do it.

Get rid of Cronk !

Dissapointing game tonight boys its like 1 week win next week lose cmon boys still plenty of time

Come on lads Go the chookies 👍🏾🐔

Time too step up lads....and bloody sing the national anthem a bit of pride not only in our Jersey but our Country,just think of all our boys buried on battlefields,far from home who are not here today when you link arms out there,Australians of all colours and creeds,and last but not least, us the mighty Roosters supporters.....get out there give it your all👍🏼🇦🇺 #ESDRLFC4LIFE

I’m so nervous!!!!!!! Just don’t know what to expect today. Everything crossed for a win. 🙏🐔🐔

Looking sharp Brett Coombs lol

Cmon mighty roosters rise up to the challenge

Should of kept on sipping lattes

Sack trent

Go the Roosters, the boys from Bondi Beach, smash the Dragon

We need to rest Cronk and friend asap

Maybe they should get back on the bus

The boys have arrived ?? Score says otherwise haha

Forwards went missing were they on the bus

Your all hopeless

Fuk I'm changing 2 WARRIORS ROOSTERS are gona get wooden spoon

Looking Fine Too 😎 Up Tha Roosters 💪🏾

Carn the boys David Minton u going to be able to watch ?

They arrived but didn’t turn up 🤷🏼‍♂️

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17 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

GAME DAY | Today we remember our ANZACs both past and present. We are honoured to play on such a grand stage. #lestweforget #AnzacCup ...

GAME DAY | Today we remember our ANZACs both past and present. We are honoured to play on such a grand stage. #lestweforget #AnzacCup


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Go mighty chooks Jared waerea havgeras and teddy terdesco and cooper are are excellent 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓

I've been supporting my beloved rooster since the early 70s why because what my farther said to me and that's the roosters wear the color's of are flag the Australian flag .so today boys wear those colors with pride be the Anzac.

Korah CrossTom Hughes bring it on

it is an honour and both clubs show the occasion the respect it deserves every year and always produce a ripper of a game - PREVIEW

Up the chookies Reece Sheridan


Let’s get a win today boys on my birthday

go my beloved roosters play some entertaining footy and pass the ball around we have to beat the dragons on anzac day love when we beat the dragons cooper cronk has to step up i would love to see him run with the footy this afternoon good luck boys go my beloved roosters 💙🐔

Cronk sucks I want Pearce bak

Semiya Kris you ready for today champ

Jess urs vs mine lol

Dilly Braz get ready to get MAULED

Lest we forget - and go the Chookies!

Simply awful. I want those two hours back

Change of guard required....Cronk for captain. Please stop Friend telecasting his receivers.

Bye bye roosters 👎

Let's get our 2 wins in a Row on this Most special Anzac Day Game!

Come on boys,go Roosters🐔🐔

Let's bring this home boys 🦃🦃

6-2 nigga


Go the Chookies


not this year


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2 days ago


COFFEE ALERT: The Little Marionette café has officially opened on campus, with free coffee for every visitor today! ☕️

As part of their Grand Opening, they will be collecting gold coin donations for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation, find them at the Clancy Auditorium on Upper Campus between 8am and 4pm today!

COFFEE ALERT: The Little Marionette café has officially opened on campus, with free coffee for every visitor today! ☕️

As part of their Grand Opening, they will be collecting gold coin donations for the Sydney Childrens Hospital Foundation, find them at the Clancy Auditorium on Upper Campus between 8am and 4pm today!


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Does the barista come with the coffee 😍😍😍

any hints as to their location on campus?

Shuyao you were actually right about it being built yesterday Daniel Xue Leon Wang

Shreya Joshi Shreya Kiran the one day i don't come istg everything happens on a tuesday

Emma Russell free cuckacino when you get back from bali


Cameron Elphick for after ur physics test lol

Emily Washer I know I said I should stop drinking coffee but...

James Wood is that you!!?

Eva Hetyei how about this for your 4th coffee 😂

Thanks for your top notch service and professionalism. XO Jayne

Rhonda Ung no need for coffee capsules

How many coffee shops can you fit onto the UNSW Kensington Campus ????

I've made a map of all the food on campus, and distribute it as "the most important map of UNSW ever made".

Prarthna Wadhwa 😍 wouldnt want u to miss the chance for a free coffee

Emily Zhu if you’re still on campus go here!

Just got mine with a Vegemite toast - excellent coffee and service

Kian Alex ahhh fk it was free

Nathan Khoudair thought it said Maronite lmao im toasted

Simon Tsang, little marionette, maybe we can walk over from college to get this good coffee in a blue cup :P

Naduni. Bye bye to coffee cart eh?

Justin Chan Though they might not do a free filter coffee

Li Shen Phan that's what it's called!

Henry William Lynch bro why couldn't this be the case for usyd

Stephanie Qiu this is the one I was talking about

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3 days ago


Off to class! 📚

Autumn vibes on campus in 1974 🍁

Off to class! 📚

Autumn vibes on campus in 1974 🍁


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Walking up Basser Steps from The Parade Theatre to John Clancy Auditorium in 3 inch wooden heel clogs with a 10 minute class turnover. Jockeying for a carpark in High Street and mastering the downhill /uphill reverse park. After tutorial drinks at ‘The Decline...’, and examinations at the Union Building. Lunchtime political meetings on the lawn outside the Menzies Library. Watching planes land or following the ponies , from the 10th floor of the Applied Science building when you should’ve been doing a lab. Enjoying live theatre at The Parade for the two dollar student discount. Great time of my life. ‘72-‘76.

I was also a student at UNSW then (1972 to 1975). A great time for universities and for students! All things were possible and life was pretty exciting.

Those were the times my friend! A free tertiary education based on merit!

Fond memories. 1974 was my last part time undergraduate year and third year working on campus in the academic / non academic Appointments Office of the Bursars Division. Finished up with an ASIO file for regular attendance at lunch time rallies on the Library lawn for god sake! Found that out when I got my DoD security clearance when later working for Sperry Univac Computer Systems for access to employees on their Canberra based mainframe sites. Those definitely were the days!

My 2nd year at UNSW, and first year of Medicine. I had hair and was at least 20 kg's lighter. The Years condemn !!!

I remember that walk- Psych was where NIDA is now and housed in army sheds, and Maths/ Economics was up in CLB 7 ( Top of Basser steps I think)- could do that walk well within the 10 minutes needed. i finished in 73

Photo exactly from the time I was there at the Uni. 1972 to 1976. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". Too much to study! And no laptop to help.

I was there when tertiary education was given to all. A lot of exercise going from Anzac Perade to upper campus.

I was there 1991 -1994. I miss all that is around it including the Baxter steps, Round house, my beloved International House, the square house, Randwick nearby. Lovely Kensington campus!!! My love for UNSW

I started there in 1974 and remember that vista and free education....what a wonderful man Gogh Whitlam was!

I was also a student UNSW 1971 to 1974 I remember those bell bottom pants ! And the protests against Vietnam , lunch outside the Library , some great times at the local wine bars ! Yes I remember that walk to psychology classes . Great memories

1974 I graduated. I completed my B.Sc Food Technology. Wonderful times.Whitlam was very kind, which enabled me to enrol for post graduate studies. I completed my Ph.D. Food Technology in 1979. Everybody was so kind at the Department of Food Technology. I am grateful to my all teachers there, particularly to my supervisor during my postgrad studies and Head of the department.

Hey here's one out of left field. THE Really Hottest Babe, and I was TOO shy, and nobody will believe it now, nEVEr was Then Michelle Hanson (Hansen) from Clovelly, went to St Claires at Charing Cross, THE lost love , She went to UNSW , dunno what degree. Would be Amazing to say Ello, and what did your life become. ?

I had a remembrance of few professors, pro. W. R. Blunden, Dr. J. A. Black, Mr J. I. Tindall professor Blunden was the head of the department of school of Transportation and Traffic. Professor Blunden was already passed away but I don't know about other professors. They are all very good and helpful.

Having a lot of memories during my study in this University. It was almost 3.5 years study in UNSW (1987-1990) and having a lot of memories, fully struggle but enjoyed and nice university's environment.

1976 Engineering free education with $200 every 2 weeks from Whitlam government, back again 1986 law school...only last year need to pay...those were the days ..they did end.

That was my final year in UNSW.. remember that walk vividly.. this photo brings back a lot of sweet memories.. thank you for posting it..

Was there during that period. Does anybody remember “The Wizard”, and his “Wench of the day”? Think he may have been a year or 2 earlier.

I “walked the walk “ from 1970-1973. Good days! Uni was also where my husband and I “courted “ !! Ok you young ones go google what that means!

All my subjects were an easy walk during my bachelor degree. My Dip Ed subjects were on Western Campus and finished at 5 pm. I was at UNSW from 1976 to 1979.

Just how I remember it! 1974 was my first year doing Science. Lost count of the times up and down Basser steps from one end of the campus to the other.

Yep ! Best three years of my life !! 71 to 73 !! Commerce ! Love the round house cafeteria! Is it still there ?!oh the blue room was my regular meeting place between lectures.

I had been there from 1984 - 1989 during my Masters and PhD studies in the School of Food Science & Technology. I have many sweet memories in the campus of UNSW. A lot of exercise going from Anzac Perade to upper campus.

I remember that long walk way from Anzac Pde up to the science and engineering buildings of lower campus - now all buildings!

I attended Kensington Campus in it’s first years,Early 1950’s. Big change from the Tech at Ultimo.. Penni (daughter) attended Ultimo remains, in the late 1970’s..

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4 days ago


UNSW Arts and Social Sciences are again partnering with Sydney Writers' Festival to present Thinking Globally, a series of discussions exploring what it means to be part of the global community. Hear from UNSW academics, Ben Doherty and other alumni at Carriageworks from 3 May: ...


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Jaeco looks like a graveyard

Jimmy Farrell


Comment on Facebook

Tyler Price its all those hitouts aye?

Dylan Brooks

David Kulikowski Mina Sam

No excuse we were shit


Yawn... Nothing said when crows lose, yet when its port, its the same old pathetic pictures. Just curious admin, you have an entire thumb drive sitting next to your computer ready to go when Port loses?

Amy Warncken Julie Collins

Bobbie Eaton

No excuse, they were better than us tonight🤷🏾‍♂️

Nathan Johnson

Daniel Button Dave Smith Steven Hill

Not a peep for a whole week when crows get flogged by COLLINGWOOD but when port lose how comes the same old memes.

Lewis Groenn

Volume 1

No excuses. Outplayed by a team that fucled up less.

Christian Piteo ahhaha

why haven't you posted anything about the crows losing to Collingwood last week? All you do is post the same boring memes that are years old

Rob Cohen

Lindsay Clark

The admin was missing last week... must of had internet issues

this ole fav Dean Bernard Scroop

Emily Smallman

Scott Mesecke Scott Clark that's volume 1 in a set of 6🤡

Christophe Guyonnet

Umpires Sam Kokotis?

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