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Analysis: When is a retiree rich?

Analysis: When is a retiree rich?


Frustrated retirees have contacted the ABC about their concerns over Labor's plans to abolish cash refunds for some shareholders.

Labor's plan to abolish cash refunds for some shareholders reopens the debate about how much government support retirees deserve.

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3 hours ago

7 News Perth



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Call the bank if it takes your money but keep shut if it gives you extra

Contact the bank derp. Takes about a month to get it back though. Had it happen once at an ATM, which was not good because I was poor at the time. But it is rare.

Chae-anne Broughton

4 hours ago

7 News Perth

New research here in Perth shows a direct link between sun exposure and autism.


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thats the most ridiculous thing ever posted in the history of earth

Decrease in learning and memory? Try again My asd son is bored with the English alphabet he's moved on himself to Ukraine since he was two, he is now four. Trust me , learning and memory struggles are definitely not a problem in autism

I love how people are quick to dispute this yet still believe that vaccinations can cause it 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

I was talking with someone today about austism and how it's literally no more than an 'umbrella definition' for a few hundred different behavioural tendancies science hasn't yet been able to categorise. But nope, you managed to combine it all into one simple definition. Great work on that.

PLEASE HELP!!does anyone know what kind of behaviour defines rat autism? Asking for a friend.....

I think the ingredient Nagalase in vaccine's have something to do with the body not absorbing Vit D, so they are on to something but its not the sun lol

Or my so what about children in other parts of the world who have autism and where they have very little sun every now and then and all it does is rain or cloudy and lucky to have a full week of sun. This has to be the worse researched ever.

Lmfao!!! You got to be joking... the sun is the best thing for us. Vaccines, chemtrails, GMO's... maybe we should look there.

I don't think so. My sister lives at the beach and goes down every single day, specially when she was pregnant and she has a severely autistic child. She is healthy and pretty much covered doing the right thing, nevertheless it happen... I think it's a just simply a different brain formation and it's probably carried by a gene or a mutated gene.

So how does this work with people who have twins and only one child was diagnosed autistic? Maybe she didn’t lay long enough in the sun on that side 🙈🤣

Sam Roland Arvind Jarryd this must explain my 'autismal outbursts and screeching' as you guys would put it. Mystery solved Theory of everything

This is the stupidest thing in my feed today. I was conceived, carried and birthed under the grey skies of the UK. Explain my autism, you total numpties!

Oh no! People don’t need more excuses as to why kids have autism! Next will be low Vit D and albinism will be linked to Autism.

Sarah Taylor not sure i buy into this. You were in north west australia when you were expecting me. There is lots of sun there.

Yeah autism is a regular occurrence on our roads daily

Vaccines and sun exposure, that is truly the most crazy comment. How come my children and grand child, and myself have had vaccines and exposure to sun, they don't have autism, I feel it must be because of something else, I just wish they would find out the truth instead of making up crazy assumptions.

The Sun story is rubbish. Autism from vaccines is rubbish. Autism is a world wide problem, and some of those come from countries that do not have vaccines, so h ow do they explain that.

People are quick to dismiss this, but there are many many studies with a strong indication towards vitamin D being essential for brain development on a cellular level, in a foetus. Why couldn’t a lack of vitamin D cause developmental issues down the line??

You have got to be kidding me....I use to think you guys were really doing something positive...It has been researched over and over again and it has been shown it is genetic. I am sorry I did not know that rodents could be autistic....I cannot believe so much money has been spent on this. It is embarrassing.

🤔 I think a lack of sun does give me mood swings...😵

I never saw much sunlight......☹ I battled morning sickness that lasted the hole pregnancy and depression......and now I have an an autistic son Ronin...maybe there is something to learn from this research. Cahles Lewis

More likely than not they're probably just caught onto the parents reclusive habits and became a hermit. Nothing to do with Autism, more to do with introversion.

I guess the next step would ne to survey human mothers of autistic kids about thier sun exposure during pregnancy.

Simon Castellas better leave Jaxon outside daily. Might control his outbursts 🙄

Would not call it a direct link , untill they have scientific evidence shows it applys to humans. As the researcher said her self. Dr Wyroll said although the study was conducted on rats, the data indicated Vitamin D levels during pregnancy were important for brain development and may be a contributing factor in the development of neurodevelopmental conditions such as ASD. “However further work is needed to establish whether these associations apply to humans,” she said.

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5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Beanhunter has just named the top places to get a coffee in Queensland.



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Essie Lagumdzija we gotta find it

Lachlan McPhee coffee anthology hahahahahaha

Espresso legends on Adelaide street Brisbane cbd is the best coffee !!

Overtons Coffee for me 💯

Greg Vann what do you think of these coffee locations? Have they got it right?

Miss oz coffee so much! ☕️

How about 7eleven coffee! It’s not even named!😯

Once again the south east is Classed as Qld!


Catherine Elise we need to get amongst it and get some proper cup tasting going on 😂🙌

Mohammed Haif you should try this coffee lover😄

Liv Kenne tror det var här vi var haha

No harmony Felix

Duong Kim Anh coffee kiaa

Allan Quach

Priscilla May

Joshua Rayment Nicky Jade

Safeera Sabdia

Natalie Au

Gidgett Santowski Scott

Fordson Ford


Martin Rhys Brumpton

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5 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have broken yet another tradition by choosing a non-fruit cake for their wedding.

7 News on Instagram:

#Royals #7News


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He's a fruitcake for marrying her!

Future King Harry and Queen Meghan are an amazing couple

They choose there wedding plans. Dont have to follow just because your royalty or family very stong traditional. Reminder me just like moive Big Fat Wedding Geek.



It’s King Harry and Queen Meghan

Yesterday's news. And it was boring AF then. 😂😂

And....who cares????

It’s decisions like this that could lead to world war 3 ill be following this anxiously NOT

Fair enough, fruitcake is yukky. Not that I really see myself getting married but if I ever do I'm having chocolate cake....

Does that mean Prince Philip not coming 😂

Oh my! A NON fruit cake?

I think when Harry said he loves him some of that sweet sweet chocolate, cake he wasn't being literal......

This is news oh please

Who cares

Thats news ?

..... how is this news 🤨

Yeh there havn a hash cake

OMG.. the horror.. 🤣🤣🎂

Matt Weninger Stacie Patricia 7 news


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5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

New data shows Ipswich and Brisbane's north are proving fertile ground for house-flippers who renovate and sell properties for profit.



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Just get a old house and renovate yourself don’t buy a fancy house 🏡 which would cost you a big $$$$

Tony Hansen might have to go back to your trade 😂

Marcello Chello


Christopher Zuniga

5 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

Chelsea Randall, Ebony Marinoff, Sarah Allen and Angela Foley have been included in the All-Australian squad of 40.

The Crows women are putting a full stop on their 2018 season at their club champion awards.

#AFLW #7News

5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have broken another wedding tradition, by not choosing the usual fruit cake.



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Fruit-Cake > DONT THEY ALREADY HAVE ONE ,The Prime Minister ..

Fruit cake for a wedding is old fashioned tradition. New generation new traditions.

Who carreeess

I don’t know how people live like that??? Like u can’t eat something on ur own choice🤭

for heavens sakes channel 7 as much as i love ya news give it a rest, your constantly bashing it about these two everyday sick of hearing about em

I'm sure that baker makes some delicious food, but am I the only one disturbed by her hair not being tied back? 😬 Basic kitchen hygiene 101....

Good on em.


5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

More than half-a-dozen new hotels are set to open soon across the South East.


5 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

The federal government has plan to cut business tax to 25% has won over a key independent senator.

#auspol #7News


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Hannah N Bryan

6 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Myer has reported a net half-yearly loss of nearly half-a-billion dollars.



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Myer has a large “high end product” placement. They are spending too much on these brands, they’re too expensive, people aren’t buying them. They probably should do away with alot of the departments and focus on, clothing, homewares, footwear, beauty and accessories.

It's becoming a lot like David Jones.... I reckon the prices need to go down. Otherwise, I'm backing down

Maybe adjust your prices to be more competitive. Meyers is famous for inflating their product pricing.

They have closed too many shops and lost customer base as a result.

When all the shops are gone everyone will be happy. We are outsmarting ourselves here in Australia when your kids finish school uni etc and can’t get work how good will you feel then, I suppose your blame the government! We should support local businesses..

The prices aren't anywhere near being competitive even compared with other bricks and mortar retailers

Uniqlo Zara are taking over about time

Keep going people buy online and put australians out of work 😠

Not surprised!

They have to go online and we lose jobs

Sandra Ann told u

Katrina been a while since you been shopping hey?

Lol Jaclyn Heinrich

Jess 🤯


Emma Sanday

Iris Ngo

Jennifer Van Haaren

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6 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

A police officer is behind bars in Minneapolis charged with murdering Australian woman Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

#Minneapolis #7News


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I wish he would take responsibility for his actions and apologize to her friends and family..

he should of done the right thing 12 months ago , if he was white they would of charged him on the day , time he took responsibility for his actions

Hope he is lock away for good

Bout time

Don't worry they will throw the book at him hard and a eye for eye won't happen

He will beat the charge anyway




White lives matter

Hang him

Maddie Agaciak

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6 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

One man is dead and another injured after a trench they were working in collapsed on them in Ballarat, west of Melbourne.

#Ballarat #7News


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No benching or shoring, definitely not a trench I'd choose to be in. Thoughts are with their families.

Will Ruddell Danny Leeson Jess Meade Will Monaco

Anthony PJ Nathan Gilbert Joel King Chris Costanzo

😱 Russell

Matt Schutz

David Maunder

Kai Osborne

Ryan Murphy

6 hours ago

7 News Perth

Perth war veterans are concerned over changes to ANZAC Day.
Joey Catanzaro has this exclusive report.


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Why do they have to change everything


RSL WA shame on you!

lefty dum wits taken over... as they hate anzac day remember... we need people power here, dont bow down.... get angry, protest

What a waste!

Who voted on this lunacy

The start of the end of Anzac Day ,

As an ex serviceman I’m very disappointed, why change it’s not needed.

All owe goverment need to be saked

It’s still a public holiday right?

Thanks mate 😥

No way they deserve better than that

All about money..

Melissa Adams David O'Brien

Thulitha Kris

Melanie Comito what do you think?

Luke James

Royce Blair

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