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American tourist threatened with knife before car, camper trailer stolen

American tourist threatened with knife before car, camper trailer stolen


"I planned this whole trip as an adventure — and it turned out to be an adventure, but not as planned."

An American tourist who was mugged at knifepoint in outback Western Australia says thieves left him stranded with just the clothes on his back.

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HOLY CR*P! These people are lucky to be alive😮🚗 ...

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Perth Weather Live


Thursday Morning the chance of thunderstorms will start to rise and by Thursday Afternoon Thunderstorms are Likely in the metro area right down the coast and as far north as Exmouth

These thunderstorms will slowly push east through the Wheatbelt.

Strong North to North West winds will accompany these storms.

Rainfall 15 to 25mm for Perth Thursday
Friday 20 to 35mm

Rainfall is expected from Exmouth in the north right down throughout the South West

For the Wheatbelt we are expecting around 10 to 20mm over the Thursday and Friday period, We are hoping a little more

dropping down to around the 10 to 15mm by the time it gets out to Southern Cross, Kalgoolie areas

Storm outlook supplied from Brisbane storm chasers


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Nick. Told you my duty on Friday will suck haha.


Hope so love a good storm

Judith Andrew be careful traveling down

Leanne Wellington

Linda Grzelka 😁😁😁

Kathleen North bye sun shine 🌞☁☔

hope we get some good rain fall

Phil Hamilton

Harriet Erasmia

Rain love it I’m happy.😀

Cynth Marie Samuel 😍

Alyson Fleming

Chloe Fahey

Kevin Hatten stay safe out there....

Belinda Martin woot woot! 😂

Reece Gaynor maybe you won’t be going back Thursday 🤔

Tavis Hall

Holly Auld

Steve Townsend

Jesse Beau Len

Justin Lee

Garry no bike 🏍

Chris Johnson

Andres Tuvik now Exmouth has thunderstorms

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Me trying to escape my life problems like... 😂😆😞 ...

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'We so should have thought this through' 😩😂 ...

We so should have thought this through 😩😂

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Simply BEAUTIFUL! 😍😍 ...


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What a beautiful video thank you for giving us the chance to see this

19 hours ago


Keep watching to 42s to see the POV footage! 😯 🐊 ...

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This kid's pool skills are epic AF 🔥👏🎱 ...