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AFL stars to tackle Treasurer over tax breaks

AFL stars to tackle Treasurer over tax breaks


AFL players could push for massive pay rises to cover millions of dollars they claim to have lost after the government shut down a tax loophole

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WATCH: There's more gloomy weather on the way... @katefreebairn has your full forecast.

WATCH: @Adelaide_FC captain Taylor Walker expects he'll spend another three weeks on the sidelines.

EXCLUSIVE: #TenNews has discovered an enthusiastic bidder for the naming rights to our iconic Christmas Pageant.

WATCH: An independent report has found maintenance staff ignored days of alarms before a power blackout at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

WATCH: Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson will be sentenced next month after being found guilty of concealing child sex abuse. Today, parishioners in Adelaide expressed shock and sadness at the verdict.

WATCH: Adelaide's CBD was brought to a standstill with union protestors staging a sit-down in the middle of one of the city's busiest intersections today.

WATCH: A grandmother and a young man have faced court over a terrifying attempted abduction in the western suburbs where a woman managed to fight her way free while being grabbed by the hair.

WATCH: The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide is facing jail time after being convicted of protecting a paedophile priest. Philip Wilson is now the most senior Catholic in the world to be found guilty of such a crime.

WATCH: There's more gloomy weather on the way... @katefreebairn has your full forecast.

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2 hours ago

MTV Australia

Have Your Cake & Beat It Too!! ...

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Thomas Bradley why wouldnt you just eat it

Melissa Skeen ummmm yesss!!!!!

Annabel Richmond

Tee Irene

Sylvie Kate

Cody Anthony Zuecker

The little family with big dreams, but bullied online just for having children. Wednesday night at 6.30.


Catch Up: The Adelaide “dominatrix” charged with assault – who’s her high-profile husband? Hendrik Gout reports.



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Is this segment appropriate to the time slot?

not really sure if this is worthy of news so his partner is dominatrix is that illegal, did he have anything to do with the fight what does his ex job got to do about anything in the story did he punch anyone? smells like a vengeance story hope your story's get better than this

Go figure. He’s the dom at work and she’s the dom at home. Great pair. Perfect match. When in Rome. Enuf said!

Domintrax is disgusting

Catch Up: Still waiting on wages five weeks after the Comm Games – Adelaide guards being sent broke by security contractors. Tiffany Warne reports.



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Adam Fitzgerald, sounds weird

Effie Koufos did u see this

Codie Bennell

Dylan Blackwell

Dianne Prince

Catch Up: Drug-free pain therapy that really works – from home remedies to hi-tech. Rodney Lohse reports.



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I hope the professor suggests people use turmeric in cooking because tablets are absolutely useless and a waste of money. They did tests in England and found no difference when tablets were taken but benefits when people cooked with turmeric. Plus, willow bark is dangerous for people with liver problems, breast feeding and many other issues.

After hearing today that chemists want the pill and viagra to be over the counter medicines after NUROFEN PLUS was taken away and now costs 3 times the amount plus a doctors visit, I am disgusted! The pill and viagra can have serious side effects and yet a pain reliever for people IN PAIN, is removed! What exactly are our politicians doing!

The Adelaide “dominatrix” charged with assault – who’s her high-profile husband? Tonight 6.30.


The Adelaide “dominatrix” charged with assault – who’s her high-profile husband? Tonight 6.30. 



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Some murders jumped up in my mind.

Zoran Lendrec, Barrie Fitzgerald.. lmao

Thanks! I was having dinner and nearly threw up! No wonder that dude was useless at his job and got people put away when they were innocent like that Keogh bloke!

7 hours ago

MTV Australia

Snowtunes is BACK in 2018 with Rudimental , Violent Soho, MEG MAC and MANY more! Special guests still to be announced...❄️😍🎉

Tickets are on sale now >>>


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Tiarna Oakes

10 hours ago

StudyPerth, Australia

Just re-living the fun from the Perth International Student Festival 🕺 🙌 ...

11 hours ago

MTV Australia

Here’s Your First Look At Ex On The Beach USA 😬💔🇺🇸

Watch the drama unfold, Thursday May 31 at 9:30pm - only on MTV!


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Tony Ton Jermaine Kapp what u reckon

This makes all 9 seasons of the UK series, look tame. These 'celebs' should have spent more time on couples communication & less time scoring in the bedroom.

Are we watching this? Bel Whittaker Steph Ford-Webb

Nicole Murphy Brandon Grimmond worth watching???

Naryl Brown is you ready!?

Omg ayto and this combined Natasha Achtypis

Stuart omg!

Isabella Costa oh shit

Yeeesssss Sonia Miller Danica Scott

Jess Fuller ohhh looks good hahah

Oh no Michelle Schneider you will be set now 😉

Not the same effect their accents don't have the same effect as the geordies nup nup nup Annabelle Bowman

Bianca MacFarlane Sophia Francis Mariam El Ali omggggoshhhhh ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Aimee Paholski yeS

Mark Taylor-Sinclair William Taylor-Sinclair VPR's Faith is in this & she's getting karma!.

Ooooo i recon this will be better then the UK one Kandice Lee

Sally Cockeram can u show ur husband plz

Brooke Christodoulou they added that annoying blonde chick (Taylor?) from Are You The One 🙄

Meg Dobbs what

Regan Marie so many hotties 🤤🤤

Chloe Nadile you’re back just in time!

Candy Featherston, Nicole Lisa Burgess

Amy-Leigh Chelsea

Ryan Owens Tablet of terror lives on

Stacey Wood ❤️

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Still waiting on wages five weeks after the Comm Games – Adelaide guards being sent broke by security contractors. Tonight 6.30.



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I have a story you might like to run motor registration within Adelaide is double the price to that of Melbourne - really you should do a story on it cause everyone in SA who has a vehicle pays motor registration fees and the price is absurd

Lots of interstates security staff were called for at short notice due too local firms pulling the pin

Nikki Moutzouris - hope you got Paid 😂

Bo Lehmann been paid yet?

Thanks 4 sharing Melissa! I thought I missed it. I do so love commercial TV 📺 watching - NOT!!

Wonder what company

Jacob Murfet lucky babe

Carolina Rojas

Anna Leibhardt

Karen Gartner Adam James Fitzgerald

Brett Dracup

Dylan Blackwell life 😭😭

Bhupinder Singh lucky you didn’t work 😉

Ian Tu ??

Ahmed Ali Ahsan

Jibran Zeb

Safeer Alii

Uzi Ahmedani

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4 days ago

StudyPerth, Australia

Perth city love ❤️Happy Friday, everyone! We're just loving this heart shape framing our city.
📷: @spencerlot/Instagram

Perth city love ❤️

5 days ago

StudyPerth, Australia

For your chance to WIN a UE Wonderboom thanks to Vodafone Australia answer this question 🎶 🙋

Which of these will you find in Fremantle? 🤷
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