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20 weddings in four years

20 weddings in four years


Georgina is in debt after spending thousands on weddings in the last four years - and none of them were even hers.

Daily Telegraph:

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Comment: Adam Goodes’ treatment both inside and outside Australia’s football stadiums tells us that Indigenous players are celebrated for their sporting brilliance - until they remind us of our past

Adam Goodes controversy a sorry affair for football

Two documentaries are being produced on an episode where football's chiefs failed to adequately back one of the game's greats.

Former Fremantle Dockers player Shane Yarran found dead in Seville Grove #perthnews #AFL #WAFL (Pic: AAP)

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8 hours ago

SBS Australia

This isn't just a simple manicure, it's art. ...


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Haruchis Hasuko and Diana Maurisaña, i see some inspiration for you!

Katherine Chahoud wtf

Terrie Williams some inspiration

In America, the latest trend is to plaster tiny photos of your ultrasound onto your nails. Effing weird, if you ask me.

Just NO

Brenda Rojnić the eyeball that moves creeps me out!!

Katherine WHY?! I also don’t understand the pointed talon ones in general but extra whyyyyy

Alessandré Alonso this is a place for us

Selene #manigoals


Amber Marsh omg that eyeball

Carly Mutton these are so unpractical imagine trying to work in these

Nonie 😳 xoxo

Coby Sandford something you would get

Emma Monteiro Nice

Issy Vater 😳

Suzanne! 😳

Melissa Tadrosse Funky! I like Russian ones.

Mishael Elliott

Kate Patricia Lumsden

Sandra Wright 😳

Elleni Mackay Henderson Amanda

Diane Corbett & Rachel Cleverly 😳

Kate Forbes

Megan Quilty

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9 hours ago

SBS Australia

With these biodegradable urns you or your loved ones can turn into a tree for the rest of your afterlife. ...


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Human ashes are not good for plant growth, unfortunately.

Sure beats wasting land burying dead bodies.

Was discussing this with my nan recently. Basically do this with whatever is left after organ donation

What a great idea for those who havent yet done anything with their loved ones 😭❤

I'd like my corpse to feed a yew tree. I've eaten enough of their arrils in my life, I'd like to give back.

I don't want energy wasted & pollution generated by burning me. Shove me in a recycled cardboard box & plant trees on me so I can feed them.

And do you label the tree with the name of your loved ones?

Steve Warren you could make me into a pot plant and take me with you !!!

Andrew, I'll plant you in a tree....better water you then I suppose!

Ellouise Rose...I could be turned into a tree 🌳 😊

A bit late on the news, this was reported years ago.. it's such a wonderful way to go!

Great idea 😜

This is what dad wants, Reah Kay!!

Huh, if they do that then they can chop them down and build cities

Benjamin Ritchie...immortalised as a bloody chilli plant or a capsicum perhaps? LOL

Lucas Dowson Nathan/ Emily Cassar can this be me pls?

Far better idea.

Judith Walshe this would be better, can be a tree 🌴

Alba cut ya red gum please

Ree Marie might think about this with scoobs ashes ..

Amanda Kelly but trees also die... Just prolonging the inevitable I’m not pessimistic, you are

I’d like this

no thanks

Catherine Dennis, this is what I'd like. Full body though, no burning.

Alison Aquilina this is what i want

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9 hours ago

SBS Australia

The new app ‘Free to Be’ allows women to log safe and unsafe areas.
It’s got people talking about everyday harassment on trains.



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not safe in any islamic country for a woman to be on her own. only in non muslim countries woman have equal rights. just so sbs know

Svetlana Cristina Salmina Ar

Ashlyn HB

10 hours ago

SBS Australia

This is how blind people put on their make-up. ...


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I cant put eyeliner on properly and i am sighted good on them

This is a great idea Lauren Mason Sarah Riley Janine Howlett

Alaura Sharp how cool

Chrissy Dee

Phyllis Dougall Monique Field

Julia Bunz

Lisa Pearce

12 hours ago


No one asked for it and finally, it's here - the world's first deconstructed restaurant.



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What would the deconstructed money to pay for this meal look like?

Bloody silly if you even pay for that. I often wonder how hygienic those boards are that you eat off.

if that was served to me I would send it back and make them make it properly. If they didn't I would just walk out. What a stupid thing. If i wanted bread, butter and vegemite seperate I would open the cupboard and fridge at home and just place the items on the counter. The best thing about vegimite toast is the butter and vegimite melting into piping hot toast.

Says a lot about restaurants these days...🙄

Lol just reminds me of cooking reality shows.. everytime it doesn't work out to plan it becomes the deconstructed version of that 😆😆😆

So how about we deconstruct payment for such creativity by paying the full $7 or whatever in 5c pieces...painstakingly counted out at the counter as the queue lengthens along with the shadows as the day ends.....Oh and while theyre NOT providing a full service is it something to do with not paying penalty rates? Times are tough when you have to smash your own avo's!

Bloody love it. And the restaurant 'industry' bloody needs to look at it.

as silly as it may be, the restaurant has had a lot of free, FREE, advertising...

Caitlin Wood Kyle Wood Have you been to the one in Canberra yet? Here it's great.

This is very funny however the justification for $7 is not just about paying for toast, butter and vegimite. You’re paying to sit down, be served, the price goes to rent, utilities, wages, taxes, etc. the way it’s presented is artistic. Much better looking than just butter and vegimite on toast, all flat and boring. The butter is curled with a spoon which is a technique that requires practice, the vegimite is smeared to look visually appealing. DYO restaurants have actually been a thing for a while. There’s the ploughman’s lunch, you have to cut everything yourself, pubs where you cook your own meat and serve yourself salad etc. people always want something new (not this joke of coarse) and different. To the people saying ‘I can make this at home’ you can make anything at home. The price you pay at a cafe is for the service. No one will run a business for free.

The people that paid $7 for vegemite and a bit of bread must have more money than sense. The cafe must see them coming a mile off!!

Daniel a must visit for your next trip home 🤣

Carlie Marie just in case no one has tagged you in this already! 😂

I love how serious people are taking this Samantha Mckenna it's totally just making fun of silly deconstructed food

Which is one of the reasons I always BMO Vegemite.

Has there been enough damage done to the whole group establishment! Why rubbish people that you know nothing about apart from a $7 treat that might not be served on a timber board!

Andrea Murray. Is there restaurant like this in melbourne yet

I first encountered a deconstructed dish..a Port Douglas 6 or so years ago. Wasn't impressed then..still not.😨

Kshitij Kharub Anup Niroula hahahaha this is where the UTS Bus is parked

I hate thiose big wooden boards but am glad the stack is gone , having to disassemble before eating it

Not the worlds first..... they have those dumb things here in the states.

Kim Ward Paul King Mmmmmm I like my Vegemite smeared like that thankyou

Claire “here is a regular loaf of bread, I suggest you remove the gluten by hand” 🤣

i would pay money to watch you at this restaurant Jack Osborn

I know it's a joke...well I think it is, but after experiencing one of those stupid deconstructed Dessert Bars in Adelaide anything is possible.

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